Tranquility II Customization

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This community is for for tips, tricks, and assistance with the Tranquility II S2 style.

Please place all codes, or any legthy posts under an lj-cut. This also goes for images. Don't know how to use an LJ cut? Go here!

If you plan on posting any S2 coding, please go to Simplecode, place your code in the top box, hit the "process" button and then copy the code in the box below. You can then paste what you copied into your journal entry.

Our tutorials list is growing more and more everyday! Check it out in our memories (or here: tutorials). The answer to your question may be there, so be sure to check before you ask.

Wanna learn even more about Tranquility II? Check out s2_tranquility.

Need S2 help? Check out s2styles.

Tranquility II was created by synewaves. You can view his original lj_stylecontest entry here

This community was created by panda_cookie

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